Fraser Group has opened a Flannels flagship, Sports Direct store, and Everlast Gym in the former Debenhams space at Metrocentre.

Fraser Group at Metrocentre has brought three brands to the Gateshead shopping centre. The Former Debenhams unit, has now within it Flannels and Sports Direct. Both have 50,000 sq ft of space, and Everlast gym has 37,000 sq ft of space.

Flannels offers brands such as Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Vivienne Westwood, and it’s the first store to have a home selection. Also includes beauty brands such as Chanel, Creed, and Dior. Sport Direct includes many varieties under one roof including Game, Evan’s cycles, and USC.

The Everlast gym is the largest hybrid gym in the U.K. bringing to the shopping centre fitness experience for the customers. The gym will offer training experiences, a full size boxing ring, ice baths, saunas, physio rooms, and many more.

If you have any enquiries, please contact either Matthew Cassell or Anthony Carroll or Jack Mackinnon.